As a former student in Korean studies, I decided to choose a Korean poem. Foreword (서시(序詩)) by Yun Dong-Ju (윤동주).

This poem has great historical value and is one of the most famous Korean poems in the world. To learn more about the poem and its author, click here.


For my first UI project, I designed a website for the “Korean Food Festival”, fictional events in Paris.


I did five interviews about events, what people need to know about an event, and what they like about it. …

For this first solo project, we add a feature to one application. Mine was Netflix and a feature that allows us to watch a movie with our friends and family remotely.

Competitive analysis

  • “NetflixParty”: extension…

For the second project of my Ironhack Bootcamp, I needed to choose a wicked problem inside of a list :
- Immigration
- City mobility
- Food and sustainability
- Public hospitals
- Culture and Heritage

And I chose the last one. We were then put in groups of 5…

For the first Ironhack’s team project, we needed to work on the interface of the underground ticket machine.

First step: Interview

The subject

Logo of city mapper

The client is City Mapper, an application created in 2011 that helps you navigate and calculate an itinerary to a chosen destination in some big cities, for example, London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Tokyo.
Even though this application is helpful, one feature is still missing: buying a ticket.

What is the problem?

For my second challenge for the Ironhack prework, we made the inverse work of conception. We went from a finished app to a wireframe.

My choice went to the Uber Eats application. The goal of this app is to order food. That’s why I decided to illustrate this process.

Here are the steps to order food :

  1. Go to Uber Eats
  2. Search for a restaurant
  3. Click on a restaurant name to go on its page
  4. Browse its menu to choose the food and add it to the order
  5. Place order
  6. (Wait and track your delivery and then Bon appétit)

Here is the result :

Wireframe results for Uber eats, composed of 5 screenshots and their respective prototype
Wireframe’s results

Thank you for reading!

Barbara Campos

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