Ironhack Project 1: Buy a ticket online

For the first Ironhack’s team project, we needed to work on the interface of the underground ticket machine.

First step: Interview

To collect data, we conducted guerilla interviews in the underground. We asked people buying ticker questions such as: Do you use those machines often? What do you want to buy? Did you succeed?

Second step: Pain points

Task analysis : “How to buy a ticket”
Task analysis : “How to buy a ticket”
Task analysis
  • French chosen by default, but not written clearly
  • Numerous different ticket
  • Full-price ticket and half-price ticket without any explanation
  • Don’t know when to pay or where to look while paying (the machine or the payment machine).

Third step: Persona and User journey.

Based on who we interviewed, we did a persona: Camille. She is a 30-year-old woman living near Paris that doesn’t take public transportation often.
But now she has a meeting in Paris, so she needs to buy a ticket to take the underground.

Image of Camille’s user journey to buy a ticket
Image of Camille’s user journey to buy a ticket
Camille’s user journey
  • Ticket choice: there are so many different tickets with an unclear name that she is unsure which one to choose.
  • Payment: she is not sure when to start paying, and she tries to click on “Pay by cash”, but nothing happens, so she’s not sure when to start paying.

Fourth step: Brainstorming

Based on those design opportunities, we proposed ideas to facilitate our user’s journey.
Some steps were pretty fast, like choosing a quantity, and some were longer like ticket choice.

Fifth step: Prototyping

Each one of us got three screens to redesign based on our brainstorming. We also needed to film a video of us interacting with our prototype.

Language choice
Language choice
Language choice’s screen
Ticket choice’s screen
Payment screen
Payment screen
Payment screen

More design opportunities

While brainstorming, we also thought of other problematics and decided to modify these.

Sixth step: Presentation and Conclusion

As our first project at Ironhack, even though it was challenging with the lack of time, I liked it. And I loved the fact that right after the course, we got to do it and to experience it.